Weekend update

I had a wonderful weekend in Washington DC with my boyfriend! I took a lot of video and I can’t wait to put it together. I think I’m gonna keep this project separate from my ’30 days’ project for the initiative, though. It’s a bit more personal, even if it is the same concept! I’ll still post it on here, though, when I’m finished, and maybe a reflection about how the Convergence Center could have helped me put it together a bit better (for example, I would love to use one of those cameras that helps to steady walking scenes!!). 

Anyway, I might post some videos without editing them, just so you can get an idea of the types of clips that I film, so you can see how they all come together to make one piece!



30 Day Dream

This is the video I created for my final project for Digital Storytelling during the fall of 2013. I was tasked with capturing one second a day for thirty days, and compiling it for my final project. I began on November 2, 2013 and finished December 2, 2014. This video was inspired by the TED Talk by Cesar Kuriyama.


1 Second Everyday – Age 30

This video is by Cesar Kuriyama, featuring the concept he discussed in his TED Talk (see previous post to view the talk!).
This particular compilation is a second a day for the 30th year of his life. Though it seems like a lot of dedication, imagine the possibilities of recording a second a day of an entire year? My projects have so far only captured a month or a matter of weeks…what if someone captured all four years of their time at UMW? Food for thought.
Enjoy this video, and stay tuned for my “30 Days” project featuring the same concept!


Inspiration Video!

This is the TED Talk that my professor showed my class last semester which was the inspiration behind our “1 second a day” project. Stay tuned for the video featured in this Ted Talk, as well as my take on it!

First post!

Apologies in advance for making the title of my first post something as unoriginal and unintelligible as “first post” but honestly it’s all I could come up with. 

Anyways, welcome to my wordpress! I’m no stranger to blogging, and I’m looking forward to keeping up with this new blog as apart of my participation in Mary Washington’s DMCI (Digital Media Commons Initiative). I’ll be posting a video of me explaining the initiative and my participation in the next post, as well as samples of the type of project that I plan on making (videos made by me in the past), and the TED talk that my proposal was based upon. Have questions? Hang tight for my explanation video, and you’ll soon understand! 

A bit of news, however–I’ll be travelling to New Haven, Connecticut for spring break to visit my boyfriend at school, and I plan on filming many clips to make another video project of our time together there. Will it make the cut for my DCMI project? I haven’t decided yet, but it’s worth noting that I plan on making another video in addition to the initiative! Perhaps some of the clips will end up appearing in my final project. Who knows!

At any rate, stay tuned for updates on the progress of my participation, as well as the samples I plan on posting later!